Swimming Pool Terminology

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If you hire me to come and install a new in-ground swimming pool in your landscape, these are some of the words you might hear me use that may seem foreign to you.  Here are a few quick explanations, so that you can understand your latest backyard addition.


  • Algae: One of a swimming pools worst enemies. Algae is unsightly, poses a slip and fall hazard, and breeds bacteria. A good swimming pool professional can help you with a maintenance plan to avoid that.
  • Backfill: When you install a swimming pool, a lot of soil gets displaced, and backfill is the earth and rock that gets pushed back into the gaps around your new swimming pool. Proper backfilling also ascertains the longevity and beauty of the patio around your swimming pool.  Otherwise you risk settling, cracks, or even sinkholes.  You definitely need a professional landscaper to do this!
  • Coping: The finished edge around the lip of your in-ground swimming pool.  Can be made of stone, architectural concrete, or many other materials.  This is a major factor in safety and appearance for your pool.
  • Gunite: Gunite is a mixture of sand and concrete that is sprayed by a qualified landscaping or pool professional onto the steel-reinforced walls and floors of an in-ground swimming pool to give it structural integrity and form.  A specialty of LandscapeOasis, this is the most durable pool construction method available.
  • Pebble Tec: This is a product I frequently employ in high-quality in-ground swimming pools. It is a natural stone based coating to cover the Gunite structure of the pool.  It is naturally slip and fade resistant, and available in lots of beautiful colors and patterns. Pebble Tec is a specialty product not available through all swimming pool contractors.
  • pH:   The acidity level of the water, is important because it is a key factor in dictating the longevity of your swimming pool, and your families ability to enjoy it. Good pool maintenance professional can come up with a solid plan to address any pH concerns.
  • Skimmer: The intake located along the waterline of your new in-ground swimming pool that clears floating stuff like leaves and insects out of your pool.
  • Weir: The little flapping door on the skimmer that regulates water intake and keeps debris from floating back out into your swimming pool. Who knew it had a name?



  • Landscape Oasis Pool (2)

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