Making Your Garden Unique

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There are lots of great ways to add truly unique appeal to your landscape. Here are some of my favorite garden additions!

Specimen Trees

One of my favorite ways to create a truly unique space in a garden is by adding specimen trees. I particularly enjoy working with unique ornamental trees, and trees that resemble bonsai.  Some of my favorites are in the family of Japanese Maple Trees. I love the striking colors available, the fine foliage and the manageable size, as well as the endless varieties within the genus.

In addition to strictly ornamental trees, many fruit trees have dwarf versions that can be beautiful and unique garden additions.  Everything from apples and pears to plums and paw paws come in dwarf versions, and can be trained.

If you are looking to create something extraordinary with your trees beyond just the species, consider making espaliered fruit trees. Add a landscape accent unlike anything in your neighborhood.


Fountains come in a wide range of styles and price ranges, but in any garden space, they create a beautiful and unique landscape accent.  Before you get out your shovel, think about whether you want a natural or classic look, as well as how much space you want to devote to your new garden centerpiece.  Do you want to build your own custom fountain, or buy a pre-cast model from a supplier?  There are so many options when adding a fountain to you landscape, make sure you do your research! We at Landscape Oasis have years of experience finding that unique fountain or creating a custom design that fits perfectly into your garden.

Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are gorgeous high-end landscaping additions for your backyard.  Children of all ages are mesmerized by the gentle beauty of watching Koi fish swim lazily around their domain.  Behind the serenity though, is a great deal of planning and maintenance. Be ready for some extra work, or be ready to outsource it to a reputable pond expert like Landscape Oasis.






Outdoor rooms

Anyone can build a patio or lay out some lawn chairs, but if you want to take your garden space to the next level, a great way to go is to create a true outdoor room. Proper landscape design can instill a sense of enclosed and cohesive space without four walls and a roof. By adding architectural element to beautiful plantings, and a thoughtful arrangement of outdoor furniture, a landscape designer like Landscape Oasis can create a space that you will want to enjoy with your friends and family as long as the weather allows! When you are planning an outdoor room, think about how to use colors and textures to create harmony and unity in the design, and planting or hardscape to create natural boundaries to define the space. Landscape Oasis designed and built the project shown above in Cambridge, Massachusetts and can do the same for you at your home in the Boston area.