Custom Masonry

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Masonry can be a beautiful addition to your landscape. Massachusetts’s back yards have some of the most creative and exciting masonry installations in the world. During my decades of working in towns like Wellesley, Newton, Needham, Dover, Sherborn, Natick, Norfolk, and others, I have seen, and installed, some truly breathtaking and original masonry installations.

Massachusetts is the perfect backdrop for landscape masonry.  From locally sourced granite and bluestone to venerable brick buildings and Robert Frost’s beloved stone walls, this is a corner of the country where we like to write things in stone.

Consider a new masonry project, because it’s an addition to your landscape that can be enjoyed year-round.  Patios, outdoor kitchens, water features, and paver driveways can always be enjoyed by you and your family, even during the cold months. This type of hardscaping also raises the value of your property. It’s a permanent improvement to your home.

Custom Outdoor Masonry Projects:

Entrance Walks

Have you finally realized that the old strip of concrete leading to your front door isn’t the welcoming first impression that you want to give your guests?  Consider adding a brick walkway with a classic herringbone pattern for a formal Victorian look, or an asymmetrical path of large bluestone pavers, flanked with a Japanese Maple set in a perennial garden for a modern elegance with Eastern flair.

Outdoor Kitchens

What can be more relaxing than dining outdoors with your loved ones? A complete outdoor kitchen can turn an evening at the grill into an entertaining extravaganza.  Carefully chosen products can give your outdoor kitchen the look of a Tuscan villa or a tropical oasis.  A professional like David Hancox at Landscape Oasis can give you all of the space you need to channel your inner Bobby Flay, and be the toast of the neighborhood.

Water Features

Fountains and reflecting pools add a quiet, contemplative feel to your landscape, but actually require complex masonry, mechanics as well as a thoughtful design. Whether you want a waterfall that looks as though it came straight out of the forest, or a fountain worthy of Versailles, it all begins with a custom design and then custom designed masonry to bring your landscaping dreams to life.


Driveways are a perfect example of a place where custom masonry can shine. My favorite product for driveways is Unilock. Unilock is a truly extraordinary product for driveways because of its durability and beauty. Unilock driveways can last almost indefinitely if properly installed by a qualified landscape contractor like Landscape Oasis.    Unilock has an enormous range of styles and colors, to suit any home.