Considerations When Installing a Swimming Pool

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When you are installing a new in ground swimming pool in you backyard, there are some important considerations to take into account before you dig a giant hole.  Here’s my advice on what to keep in mind.

Family:  Yes, everyone in your family is going to love having a swimming pool, but are there toddlers or young children in the family or neighborhood?  Think about fencing or safety pool covers to protect your loved ones.  Consider placing the pool in a part of the yard where it is easily visible from the porch, deck, or kitchen window.  When I think family, I think safety along with functionality and aesthetics.

Landscaping:  Few things look worse than a new swimming pool surrounded by bare fill and construction debris. Get your yard landscaped to incorporate your pool as a beautiful centerpiece of a Landscaped Oasis and not just a hole filled with water that landed in your back yard.

Privacy:  Lounging by the swimming pool and getting a tan is terrific, until you realize everyone walking by on the sidewalk or hanging out in their own back yard can see you basking on the chaise. Think about fencing or hedges. A few key plantings and well placed privacy fence can make all the difference in the world to ensure your privacy and enjoyment.

Location: It’s not just about privacy and safety. Think about factors like overhanging trees that will drop leaves or acorns into your swimming pool. Don’t forget to check where your septic tank is placed.  Think about where there is shade and sunshine. Remember that the whole reason to install an in-ground swimming pool is to give you a place to enjoy and relax. Don’t make more work for yourself that will take away time from your enjoyment.

Budget:  A swimming pool is a major investment, and you need to give yourself a realistic budget.  Don’t skimp if you can help it. Spending a little extra at the time of installation is well worth it if it takes your pool from something you’ll hop into a few times each summer, to a treasured family gathering spot to enjoy for many years to come!

Contractor:  Get a good contractor.  There are a ton to choose from in Massachusetts. You want someone who is experienced, insured, and capable of finishing the job on time, and on budget. Ask for references, and get everything in writing. Consider the benefits of using a contractor like LandscapeOasis, with the capacity to design a full landscape around your swimming pool, including decks, patios, fencing, plantings, lighting, and more…