Swimming Pool Features (From Fair to AWESOME!)

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Landscape Oasis Pool (2)

Long gone are the days when a swimming pool was just a big old bucket of water. Today, you have a ton of options when you are planning a new swimming pool.  Be careful, though. Not all of these options are available from all contractors. For the fastest, easiest, and most beautiful results for your in ground swimming pool, pick a contractor that is able to handle all the facets of your landscaping job.

Lighting: Landscape lighting is an important addition to the areas around your new in-ground pool, and to your entire landscape in general. A quality lighting system for  the surrounding patio or deck increases the amount of time that you friends and family can enjoy your new swimming pool.

Waterfalls and Fountains:  Waterfalls and fountains are great centerpieces to a new pool. The sound of moving water is one of my personal favorite things in the world: is there anything more relaxing?  Waterfalls and fountain make a huge statement in your landscape, but require proper planning and execution. Water features can be in the surrounding landscape or tie right into the pool plumbing and add an exciting feature for the pool.


Patios and Decks: You can’t stay in the water forever, no matter how much you might want to. When you do come out of the swimming pool, you should have a beautiful and comfortable place to sit and relax. Whether you want a masonry installation or a wooden deck, a quality contractor can help you create the perfect oasis for your backyard with minimal disruption to your summer. David Hancox and Landscape Oasis have been designing and building pool decks since the 1980’s.

Hot Tubs: One of my favorite new emerging trends in swimming pool design is incorporating a hot tub into the concept. This give a great extra area to relax and unwind after work, or to entertain guests during your pool parties. And, since this is Massachusetts after all, a hot tub will lets you enjoy your swimming pool further into the cool months.

Furnishings: Ask your contractor if they are willing to help you furnish the space around your new pool. From patio furniture to ornamentation to an outdoor kitchen set, a professional eye can take your new outdoor living space around the swimming from dull to awesome in no time flat.

Plantings: We’ve all sat around the swimming pool that is set in a sea of concrete, the sun baking and blinding us.  Hire a swimming pool contractor that is also skilled in other ares of landscape design, and surround your pool with plants, shrubs, trees, and grass that are thoughtfully chosen to compliment and integrate the new swimming pool into the landscape.